Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor inc , a recently formed not for profit group with a vision for the development of a linear green park connecting the Beeliar Wetlands with the Indian Ocean, has recently received funds through the City of Cockburn/Alcoa Community Development Fund to develop their vision.

The group recently held a visioning workshop with a number of community groups and Friends-of groups along the proposed green corridor who are passionate about advocating for the value and beauty of a viable urban and ecologically intact multi-purpose corridor which includes natural bush, bike paths, walking tracks, nature play playgrounds and community meeting hubs. Funds will be used to develop these ideas into an online map showing the true potential of this unique and beautiful corridor which the community believes is more beneficial both economically, socially, and ecologically, than a freight highway through our suburbs.

Intact natural reserves are not only good for wildlife. Recent research by Beyond Blue found that contact with nature ameliorates stress, prevents disease and helps people recover from illness .

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Convener Leah Knapp said “Our vision is the conservation and enhancement of the bushland corridor that connects Beeliar Wetlands with the Indian Ocean”

“Urban wildlife corridors are essential, there are strong links between contact with nature and mental health and wellbeing”